Ogii Review of: The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian GrayThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Great book, I love the concept, it’s very cool. The book may seem simple at first when you read it, but then you realise that the story about the girl is really a metaphor for what he had really done to her. What happens to the painting in the end is truly horrific, I had spine chills when I was reading the description. The way in which the bad things, the horrific things which Dorian has done in his life are portrayed very well into the painting. The most spine chilling and scary moment, more then just the description of the painting, is what happens to the painting and to Dorian himself in the end of the story. The transition which Dorian makes from being this sweet person to this sadistic and cruel person is truly amazing and written very well. The things he does and the way they are described are really disgusting and amazing. A great book.

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