Ogii Review of: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen (Fallen, #1)Fallen by Lauren Kate
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The story line to this book is good, you’re always kept guessing. Guessing with what is evil and what is good, and who is evil and who is not. The shadows and the other things (things that go bump in the night…) that Luce encounters while she is at the boarding school is truly scary. What happens to her at first when she doesn’t know and when the reader doesn’t know yet what is going on, really allows for the reader to connect with the character and be transfixed into the characters world and allow the to experience what Luce is experiencing along with her. This is done very well because everyone is afraid of something spooky happening at night, and if you so that you don’t, well honestly, you’re lying. The elements which Lauren Kate uses in order to frighten Luce are many common things which everyone is afraid of, and all combined together to create this creepy feel. Especially when Luce is in the cemetery or anytime where she is alone. The most frightening part I would say though would be at the end when the truth is revealed to Luce about everything that’s going on and about some people at the school. The part where Luce loses the someone to her that she was close to, probably the only one she was really close to, and the fact that someone she trusted turned on her and was actually this really evil person out to get her, these parts strike a greater fear in the reader because of the fear of losing someone you love or someone close to you and the fear of the ones you trust turning on you or not being able to trust anyone, or even the fear that everyone is out to get you and you cannot trust anyone. As with the characters, Luce is a good character and so are the rest, however, Daniel at the beginning, I personally didn’t really like, I liked Cam more, but I guess as things progressed and certain aspects were revealed, I grew to like him. Though, I still like Cam more. Until you really find out ‘what the deal’ is with Daniel, he is a very frustrating character who just bugs you because they are just so distant and off-putting for no reason….well, until you find out of course. Good book, scary and twisty.

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