Ogii Review of: Passion by Lauren Kate

Passion (Fallen, #3)Passion by Lauren Kate
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Her running around everywhere was slightly frustrating, though good at the same time because it created a great sense of suspense, especially with Daniel so close behind her but not reaching her in time. The ending was shocking but not shocking at the same time. It always seemed like the little gremlin thing was evil, just didn’t picture it that bad. The ending is very unexpected, which is good, because if the book just ended at Daniel find Luce, it would have been a bit dry, predictable and boring. What is revealed to Luce during her travels really gives both Luce and the reader an insight into why Daniel is the way he is, especially when we read about Daniel seeing his own past and his thoughts on the matter. The story-line for this book thickens the plot of the other and explains so much. It is captivating because as the reader you want to know why things came to be the way they are and why the curse started and why Daniel was so crushed the time when they first kissed. In this book, so much is explained about Daniel, rather then Luce. Luce’s character is still the little naive girl that she is, who is always lost and confused in whatever she is doing. I think that her journey through the past would have gone much more smoother if she was just confident in herself. But then, that would extinguish the need for the gremlin figure, which of course is essential because they are the key to the end of the book. Trust me when I say this; when you finish the ending, you will want to go back to the beginning of the book where Luce meets the creature and just yell at her to not trust them. Especially when she touches their grim-ey and callused hands! ugh! Just reading the description of the creature sent shivers up my spine, which quickly indicated to me that they were not to be trusted. Always follow your hygienic instincts! Good book in the end, many twisties throughout the book, with is good because it keeps the reader wanting more…

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